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Travel to Lima, Peru in Just Minutes

Photos By : Mary Lagier

.. and without leaving home, through this photojournalistic tour of Peru’s capital and largest city.

From top to bottom left to right: Colorful buildings are abundant, and in the distance, the Pacific coast; Patrons chat while waiting for their orders in a café; A bakery case full of delicious breads and treats in one of the many cafés throughout the city.

From top to bottom left to right: A mural found in the streets of the Barranco neighborhood of Lima; A lovely day at the Parque Municipal de Barranco.

From top to bottom left to right: Vibrant streets line the Barranco neighborhood; Cancha, the popular Peruvian snack, is prepared by toasting corn kernels on the stove; Ingredients are laid out during a cooking class in which students are taught traditional Peruvian dishes.

From top to bottom left to right: Causa, a Peruvian cold potato casserole; The teaching chef cooks lomo saltado in a hot wok; View of the Pacific Ocean from the San Isidro neighborhood of Lima; Plated lomo saltado.

From top to bottom left to right: Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs); Rotisserie chicken and rice from one of many chicken restaurants in Lima; 19th century Iglesia La Ermita; Cliff view of Playa Agua Dulce, Parque Kennedy in the Miraflores district.

Playa Makaha in the Miraflores district

From top to bottom: Locks line a wire fence at the beginning of Puente de los Suspiros; A mural in the Barranco neighborhood; a popular beach and swimming spot.

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