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Sacramento Gives Us a Reason to Pack Our Bags

Spend a day touring the city’s public art program with a few fun stops along the way.

Wide Open Walls mural festival is an annual interactive event throughout Sacramento created to attract both visitors and residents to California’s state capital. Here are a few highlights from around the city.

From top, clockwise: Various artists, Herakut Mural, 1330 R Street; Artist Shepard Fairey’s tribute to Johnny Cash, 1121 15th Street; Fluorescent Pandas, Jazz Alley between 16th and 17th Street.
Clockwise from top: Artist Lauren YS, mural honoring Asian American locomotive laborers, 1115 Fee Drive; Artist Shonna McDaniels, 1403 19th Street; Artist Stephanie Taylor, “Sunday Morning in the Mines,” 1123 J Street; Artist Maren Conrad, “The Wishing Wall,” 819 19th Street.
Various murals from Wide Open Walls in mid and downtown Sacramento. Visit to discover more.

While you’re touring mid and downtown Sacramento, here are a few local businesses to explore:

Propogate Plants and Gatherings, 1700 I Street
Bambi Vegan Tacos, 1725 I Street and The Golden Bear pub, 2326 K Street
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