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Mexico City

Eyes can travel where bodies can’t. While some of us are still easing into the idea of boarding a plane to another country, let’s travel the world without leaving home in this photo-journalistic tour through Mexico’s largest city.

Photography by Mary Lagier . Meal at the restaurant adjoining the Museo Nacional de Antropología.
Sidewalk view of the trendy neighborhood Roma Norte
Piedra del Sol, located at the Museo Nacional de Antropología, also known as the Aztec Sun Stone.
Vegetable stand located in Mercado de Jamaica, one of Mexico City’s many markets.
Pyramid of the Moon, at the ancient archeological site Teotihuacán.
Chicken Mole and Ensalada de Nopales (Cactus Salad), two dishes made during a cooking class where Mary was taught to make them, among others.
A market vendor selling dried insects at Mercado de Jamaica.
Early morning street shot in Mexico City’s Centro Histórico, aka the historical center.
Vendor selling freshly pressed juice at Mercado de Coyoacán.
Replica of an ancient site found at Museo Nacional de Antropología.
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